Attention, all dinosaur fans and sea enthusiasts! Starting from 4 May, you absolutely MUST visit Science Centre AHHAA and our brand new exhibition “Monsters of the Sea” Dive into the depths of the ancient sea and discover the mysterious world of pre-historic sea creatures.

“Monsters of the Sea” shows you the gigantic sea reptiles that roamed (and swam) our planet millions of years ago. These life-size dinosaurs are moving, making noises and make you feel like you’re actually standing on the primordial seafloor. Check out 18 different sea dinosaurs, the largest of whom is 15 metres long and 5,3 metres tall.

Come to AHHAA and…:

  • Discover how amazing the primeval sea world looked like
  • Spot the similarities between the modern sea animals and their ancestors
  • Find out whether all the dinosaurs lived in the same time
  • Check the differences and similarities of terrestrial and aquatic dinosaurs.

Remember “Aha, Dinosaurs!”, our enormously popular exhibition from 2014? If yes, then you’ll just love our new exhibition!

“Monsters of the Sea” was created by Argentinian paleonthologists Dr. Sebastian Apesteguia and Dr. Adrian Giacchino. The exhibition will be in Estonia for the first time. “Sea Monsters” is the property of Aurea Exhibitions.

“Monsters of the Sea” will be open until 4 November 2018.