Are you a science (show) enthusiast who wants to show his or her great ideas to the rest of the world - and is not afraid of performing in public? Then sign up for the very fist Science Show International Cup (SSIC15)!

Attention! The call for participation has ended for SSIC15. We thank all those who applied and the results will be announced soon.

From 23 September until 25 September 2015, science will meet theatrics, creativity and aesthetics in Estonia at the Science Show International Cup 2015 (SSIC15). SSIC15 will be an international competition for science show performers from all over the world and will be organised as part of the biggest science event in the Baltics, the Researchers’ Night Festival 2015. The cup is jointly organised by Science Centre AHHAA, EUSEA (European Science Events Association) and NSCF (Nordic Science Centre Association).

Download the following document to find out more about the format of SSIC15 and information on how to participate:

So you've decided you want to apply (hooray for you!)? Here's how to do it: SSIC Call for Participation 2015

Send an e-mail to, which contains:

  • A short letter of application (up to 150 words)
  • A short description of each of the shows (up to 300 words for each)
  • A video clip of the team and/or of the show (the length is not restricted but should, preferably, be shared as an online link and include a few key elements of the team’s performance)
  • Any links to other visual materials about the shows (photos, websites, blogs, etc.) are also very welcome
  • The deadline for applying is 7 February 2015 (there are no time-zone related restrictions, just make sure you send the application on the date required)
  • You will hear back from our Programme Directors by the end of February 2015