Groups who visit Science Centre AHHAA now have an even better reason to go to our 4D Experience Cinema as well - a special discount off the prices of 4d experiences.

When you book your group a visit in Science Centre AHHAA, don't forget our 4D Experience Cinema in Lõunakeskus Shopping Centre! We have two kinds of discounts for groups (at least 12 people) who have previously visited the science centre:

  • One Movie Discount: tickets to a movie cost 2 € per person
  • Two Movies Discount: tickets to two movies cost 3 € per person

Attention! Group discount applies to previously booked visits only. In order to get the Two Movies Discount, a group must watch both movies in a row, without leaving the cinema inbetween. The movies will be chosen by the group.

Read more on 4D Cinema page.