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Aha, 18+

Now you can make your corporate events especially memorable! We're proud to present a special adult-only fun and competitive program. It's entertaining, it's exciting (yet also informative!), it gives you whole new team-building and teamwork skills - and in the end, you'll be highly motivated!

Our new program “Aha, 18+” consists of three parts: scientific orienteering, special science theatre show and a game of Jeopardy. The whole program takes up to 3 hours and the best players will be rewarded as well! You can book either the whole program or some of its parts.

Scientific orienteering takes you on a journey through various check points – and various amusing tasks. Who would have thought that physics, chemistry and biology could be so much fun? And don’t worry if you never were much of a science enthusiast at school – in this game, creativity is as important as knowledge. Maybe even more.

A fun and unpredictable Jeopardy! has five different categories (and five questions for each of them). The game has something for everyone (regardless of their profession or interests), with questions ranging from everyday knowledge to real scientific facts and it ends with a bonus round.

The special stand-up science show focuses on the different aspects of adult life that are probably familiar to all of us: money, men and women (and the differences in our mindsets), but also parties and fine (and also not-so-fine) drinks. It’s hilarious (and, of course, scientific)!


These are the prices for a group of up to 100 people, which is also the maximum number of participants in the program.

Attention! You need to book at least 2 weeks in advance

The whole 18+ program
(science theatre + Jeopardy! + orienteering)
750 € + VAT
 Science theatre show250 € + VAT
 Jeopardy!100 € + VAT
 Scientific orienteering500 € + VAT
The whole 18+ program
(science theatre + Jeopardy! + orienteering)
1800 € + VAT
Science theatre show 700 € + VAT
Jeopardy! 300 € + VAT
Scientific orienteering 1000 € + VAT

* Attention! When the distance between AHHAA (Sadama 1, Tartu) and the destination is greater than 50 km (i.e. more than 100 kilometres there and back), additional rate per kilometre will be added to the fee (see the table below). Additional fee will not be added if the program takes place less than 50 kilometres from AHHAA.
Please note that when you book an event at weekend, Estonian national holiday or after the workday (later than 17.00 pm), the prices will be 15 % higher.
Booking and additional information

Mon-Fri 9-17
ph: +372 515 6766