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RRI SuperSeminar | 3rd to 4th of May | Science Centre AHHAA

Today, we have more possibilities than ever, to enrichen and improve our learning environment – to the point where we don’t have enough time to implement them all. Museums, schools and enterprises offer numerous possibilities for self-development.

However, their target groups come from different generations and vary greatly in terms of their needs and purposes. An organization is successful if it can adjust itself to fit the needs of people, and not the other way round. This means constant learning. This is especially the case of the new generations of employees. Using their potential in the best and most efficient way is the question of survival in a war for talent.

Science Centre AHHAA invites you to a Super Seminar that answers the current questions in education policy, but also focuses on the joint efforts of research, education and civil society, to create better learning environments.

The main focus of the seminar is the steps do we need to take to raise the citizens who would be prepared to take on the responsible roles in both educational level and labour market, and who would offer innovative solutions for the benefit of whole society.

We welcome all leaders of general, vocational and hobby education insitutions, researchers and science communicators, entrepreneurs, representatives of technology-based enterprises and policy-makers. 

The purpose of the seminar is to define and make visible the possibilities for carrying out responsible research and innovation through the best practices in Europe and Estonia.

Participation is free of charge. To sign up for the seminar, please fill in the electronic registration form below.

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Tuesday, 3 May 

10:00 – Morning coffee and registration to the Think Tanks.

10:30-12:30 Session I – Why do we need changes in the cooperation between researchers, educators, enterpreneurs and citizens? Moderated by Arko Olesk

Speakers: Liina Vaher (Science Centre AHHAA), Rosina Malagrida (la Caixa, Spain), Terje Tuisk (Estonian Research Council)

12.45-13:30 Think Tanks: 

  • What kind of changes does the civil society need today? (Anna Karolin, SpeakSmart)
  • What kind of changes does the education need today and tomorrow? (Margus Saks, Tulevikuhariduse PIRN)
  • What do we expect from research? (Emanuele Bardone, University of Tartu)
  • What are the „bottlenecks“ in knowledge intensive enterprises? (Toomas Danneberg, Estonian Service Industry Association)
  • What is expected from the science centres and science museums as the shapers of responsible and innovative thinking? (Helin Haga, Science Centre AHHAA)

13:30 Lunch

14:30-16:00 Session II – How to create a life-long understanding of the responsible and innovative way of thinking? What are the current practices? Moderated by Arko Olesk

Speakers: Margus Pedaste (University of Tartu), Prof. Bulent Cavas (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey), Sheena Laursen (Experimentarium, Denmark)

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16.30-18:00 Session III – How can politics, research, education, citizen initiatives and entrepreneurs support the rise of responsibility and innovativeness? Moderated by Arko Olesk

Speakers: Ene Ergma, Mart Laidmets (Ministry of Science and Education), Kertu Saks (Energy Discovery Centre)

18.00-19:00 Think Tanks:

  • How can the citizen initiatives affect politics, research, education and entrepreneurship? (Anna Karolin, SpeakSmart)
  • How does the quality of education affect politics, research and civil society? (Margus Saks, Tulevikuhariduse PIRN)
  • How do research and development affect education, politics and global challenges? (Emanuele Bardone, University of Tartu)
  • What is the role of a knowledge intensive enterprise in shaping politics, research development, education and the well-being of society? (Toomas Danneberg, Estonian Service Industry Association)
  • How can science centres and museums contribute to research, education, entrepreneurship and civil society? (Helin Haga, Science Centre AHHAA)

19:00 Surprise from AHHAA!  

20:00 Dinner

21:00 AHHAA’s Science Show

Wednesday, 4 May

10:00-11:30 Session IV – Labour market – as seen by service industries. How can policy-making, education research and civil society make it better?

Speakers: Uku Varblane (University of Tartu, Centre for Applied Social Sciences), Toomas Danneberg (Estonian Service Industry Association), Martin Noorkõiv (Domus Dorpatensis)

11:45-12:30 – Think Tanks:

  • What kind of initatives increase the well-being and the involvement of the society? (Anna Karolin, SpeakSmart)
  • What kind of support do teachers and students need? (Margus Saks, Tulevikuhariduse PIRN)
  • How can research facilities affect the involvement of other groups of the society? (Emanuele Bardone, University of Tartu)
  • How can entreprises help to shape the work skills and attitudes towards work? (Toomas Danneberg, Estonian Service Industry Association)
  • How can the science centres and museums raise the quality of the workforce? (Helin Haga, Science Centre AHHAA)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Conclusions from the Think Tanks’ sessions

14:00 Acknowledgements

14:30 End of the seminar



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