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Experimental Band 2013

Right, so you and your music-crazed enthusiastic friends have formed a group, but you feel that your ordinary instruments alone just won't do the trick. Well, don't despair! Enough of rehearsals in your grandad's garage and fake singing into your hairdryer! Now it's your chance to let everyone know what you're up to, and become the next big thing.

As a part of Researchers' Night Festival 2013, Science Centre AHHAA is proud to present the (probably!) very first competition of experimental bands in Estonia!

Maybe you have some home-made instruments laying around? A brass instrument made of rolling pin, fish nets and drinking straws, for example, that you've never dared to play before? Or maybe you've made a drum kit out of this old birch tree that used to grow in your backyard? A DIY electric violin covered in LED-lights? All common and uncommon musical instruments (and those who play them) are more than welcome to join Experimental Band 2013.

You DON'T NEED to be a student in order to participate. You don't even need to be young! Also, in addition to your own music, covers of other artists' songs are also welcome.

The competition takes place on FRIDAY, 27 September at 19.00 in Science Centre AHHAA (Sadama 1). Every performer has 15 minutes! Everyone is welcome to enjoy the concert and cheer along to the performers. There is no registration fee and the spectators get in with tickets half the price that day.

If you wish to participate, please fill in the form below. Register until 25. September.

IS Music Team is going to award the winner of Experimental Band 2013 with a 100 € gift card! Additional great prizes await the top three contestants. All performances will be recorded. We're also inviting the top three bands to perform in AHHAA at Researchers' Night on 27 September!

Check out the video to get some extra motivation and inspiration and then go and register! :)


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