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Events in Tallinn

Here is the list of all Reseachers’ Night events taking place in Tallinn this year. Please note that the events are mostly in Estonian and in some cases, prior registration is required.

10-18: Researchers’ Night in 4D Experience Capsule

Vabaduse väljak 9

Free special screenings at 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 13.30, 14.30, 15.30, 16.30 and 17.30

11-19: Researchers’ Night in Energy Discovery Centre

Vabaduse väljak 9

Ticket required! A sparkling interactive exhibition „Light to electricity“ is open from 11-19. Visitors who have purchased tickets to the exhibition can enjoy free planetarium (in Estonian at 17, in Russian at 17.30) and science theatre shows (in Estonian at 18).

14-21: AHHAA Science Tram

On Line 2 (Kopli-Ülemiste)

Explosive sciene theatre shows and workshops await you on this extraordinary tram ride

15: AHHAA’s Afternoon Documentaries

Cinema Artis (Estonia pst 9, Solaris Shopping Centre)

A Bitter Taste of Freedom (2011)
In her quest to uncover the wrongdoings of the Russian authorities, Anna Politkovskaya inspired awe in some and fear in countless others. An investigative journalist for Moscow's liberal Novaya Gazeta, she was often the only spokesperson for victims of the Chechen War. Hers was a lonely voice, yet loud enough for the entire country to hear. It was too loud. At age 48 she was assassinated for simply doing her job. This documentary is based on Anna's conversations with filmmaker Marina Goldovskaya, Anna's former university professor and personal friend. (Source: IMDb)

16-23: Researchers' Night in Estonian Maritime Museum

Pikk 70

Ticket required (2 € per person)
The four floors of the museum are dedicated to four different subjects - the lives of mariners at sea (their thoughts, letters to families, everyday lives); our perception and sea (e.g. why we sometimes lose our sense of time while we're on a journey, why does it feel like ground is moving when we get back from the sea); the evolution of Estonian language over the last century and its future (we're also going to discuss whether the language we speak affects the way we see the world); psychology and relationships in families (both up close and far away).

17: Researchers’ Night in A. H. Tammsaare Museum

Koidula 12a

Join our cafe scientifique and discuss whether and why fiction is so important to us. Apart from simply being a literary genre, fiction serves as a basis for different scientific disciplines (for exapmle, it is an important part of identity construction in social sciences). In today’s world, fiction is losing a lot of its former importance and glory. What happened if it disappeared completely? Would it be an experiment with mankind – one whose cosequences might be way too severe?

18-20.30: Researchers Night in Tallinn Secondary Science School

Estonia pst 6

Free / with tickets (available at the school on the same day). Wonderful workshops for whole family! Get to know geology, physics and chemistry in a fun and simple way.

18-21: Researchers’ Night with Estonian National Heritage Board

Starting from Linnahall (Mere pst 20), later at restauration company Ajataju (Telliskivi 57)

Join us on a maginificent journey through the world of experimental building! We begin our tour from Linnahall, the first public building in an industrial area at the port of Tallinn. On our way, we’ll witness the creative construction work at Seaplane Harbour, the oldest large concrete shell buildings in the world, and first Estonian rowhouses. Our evening ends with a more hands-on approach, as we’ll go back to the time where windows weren’t so much necessity as luxury and try to build windows out of animal bladders.

18-22 Researchers' Night in Estonian Academy of Sciences

Kohtu 6


Introduction from academician Jüri Engelbrecht.

  • dr. Erki Tammiksaar "A historical view on academic life: Science in Estonia and Estonian Academy of Sciences"
  • professor Mikko Lagerspetz "Music as interaction". An introduction to sociomusicology. Musical examples from Femme Quartet
Discussion and coffee. It is possible to take a tour in the academy building.
Prior registration is recommended. Contact Ülle Raud on +372 5042 659 or

18-22 Researchers' Night in the Museum of Tallinn University of Technology

Akadeemia tee 1


In the Great Hall

  • Exhibition"Mechanics". Come and see the examples of Soviet engineering, including computers, robots and a massage device. Also, find out what kind of a brilliant idea stems from bathing a baby! Formula Student Team Tallinn. Find out all about formula cars, see the very first Estonian electric formula model FEST 13 and test your riding skills on a simulator. Excursions every hour (or in every 30 minutes, if necessary).
  • In Science Gallery Futurum: exhibition "Traces of Estonia in space, traces of space in Estonia". Find out about the most exciting Estonian space projects currently at work, take a picturesque photojourney through space, see a real meteorite and take a picture with an Estonian Student Satellite ESTCUBE-1. Excursions every hour (or in every 30 minutes, if necessary). 18-20.30 - excursions by Mario Mars from Tallinn Observatory. Giant board game "Journey to the Moon".
In the auditorium
  • Space-themed Estonian cartoons "Aatomik“, „Ott kosmoses“ and „Klaabu kosmoses“
  • Giant board game "Journey to the Moon"
Tallinn Observatory
  • Guest exhibition from the Museum of Coastal Folk - "Bernard Schmidt - from beneath the pines towards the stars". An insight into the life of a renowned telescope maker.
University of Technology parking lot
  • Formula Student Team Tallinn shows you how real Formula cars work! Demonstrations every hour.
In the auditorium
  • Fun and easy science experiments! We will show you that you don't always need expensive equipment and a state-of-art laboratory to be a scientist. Come and check out a climbing blotch of ink, static electricity and a foam-breathing dragon.

18-01: Researchers' Night in Tallinn University of Technology

Various locations (see below)


18 Lecture-ecperiment "The cognitive influence of magnetic fields, improvement of capacity of work". (Akadeemia tee 3 - X414)
18 “Electronics - it's easy!” (Ehitajate tee 5). Registration required. Contact Ülle Raud on +372 5042 659 or
18 A tour in the Biorobotics Centre (Akadeemia tee 15a). Registration required (max. 20 people). Contact Rasmus Raag on +372 5562 2061 or
18-21 The awesome high voltage lab and experiments with lightning (Ehitajate tee 5). Come and see visible electricity in the form of lightning and enjoy the extraordinary experiments!
Visits to the laboratories of organic chemistry (Akadeemia tee 15). Registration required (max. 15 people). Additional information and registration on +372 5620 2597 or
19.30 Lecture-experiment “Light and lighting in workplaces” (Akadeemia tee 3 - X414)
20 Mysterious laboratories of genetic engineering (Akadeemia tee 15). Registration required (max. 15 people). Additional information and registration on +372 5399 5698 or
21-01 Sky observations in Tallinn Observatory


18.30: Researchers' Night in the Institute of Chemical and Biological Physics

Akadeemia tee 23


A tour in the Laboratory of Magnetics starts at 18.30. Gather in the lobby of the institute. Registration is strongly recommended. Contact us on +372 6398 391 or +372 5345 2599 or on

19-21: Researchers' Night in Viimsi School

Randvere tee 8, G.H.Schüdhoffeli tee 4


On Researchers' Night and for one night only, the school transforms into a real science mecca! Join us in the great hall at 19 and then move on to our secret laboratories and find out the answers to the questions you've been meaning to ask for a long time. What do ants eat? Is it possible to see your own DNA? How to build a rocket engine? What can you make with just a piece of ordinary peat?