This summer and autumn, AHHAA is proud to present a brand new food-themed exhibition! „Aha, Red Herring!“. Come and experience a completely unique

exhibition on Baltic Sea, the effect of human activity on its ecosystem - and the food we eat. Open from 1. June to the end of October 2013

Did you know that Baltic Sea is the biggest inland sea in the world, and offers a completely extraordinary living environment for numerous species? Human activity may have a significant effect on the sea and its inhabitants - and also on the food we eat. Also, do you know how long it takes to produce food - like ketchup - and how complex this process actually is? "Aha, Red Herring!" shows you the surprising secrets behind Baltic Sea and the food we eat every day.

Come and find out

  • how to make ketchup?
  • what does life look like underwater (and through the eyes of a fish)
  • how long do you need to cycle to burn the kilocalories from that burger you ate?