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NSCF Conference



Registration from here

Registration from here

Registration will end in 31.08.2012

Participation fee 100€




19. September, Wednesday


18.00 Welcome drink in AHHAA

18.30 Board meeting

19.00, 19.30, 20.00 Visit to Planetarium



20. September, Thursday


9.00 Registration in AHHAA

9.30 Welcome from NSCF president Sampo Puoskari and

AHHAA science centre director

10.00 Management „How to run a science centre“

10.45 Exhibitions „How to choose the right subject“

11.30 Session: “What is new in the field?” 5 min presentations

12.00 Lunch in cafeteria „Newton“

12.45 Keynote speech 1

13.30 Session: “Big changes in old science centres”

14.00 Workshops: marketing/management/exhibits

15.00 Coffee break

15.15 Keynote speech 2 Hannes Astok, AHHAA board, city council

16.00-17.00 Extra ordinary general meeting/visit to AHHAA 4D cinema at Lõunakeskus

18.00 Bus leaves to Alatskivi castle

20.30 Dinner in Alastskivi castle restaurant


21. September, Friday


9.00 Visits to Tartu Old Observatory

10.30 Visits to Estonian Genome Center

12.00 Lunch at cafeteria „Newton“

12.45 Marketing “How to be attractive?“

13.30 Closing session, NSCF Award announcement

14.00 End of conference


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