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Gallery 2012

Went to Researchers' Night Festival and want to reminisce about all these great things you did? Did not go, but would still like to know a little more what all of this is about? Here are some photos of last year's festival. Enjoy!

Science Communication Conference

For the past couple of years, the festival has begun with a science communication conference on a relevant and intriguing subject. In 2012, it was dedicated to active ageing. Over 150 people gathered in Science Centre AHHAA to hear (and have their say in this matter as well!) about how to enhance the quality of human life in old age.

Science Domes on the Town Hall Square

Science Domes have become a festival tradition! Located literally in the middle of Tartu (on the Town Hall Square), they are a place to go if you want to get super creative, test your skills - and learn something new and useful while you're at it. Every day, numerous awesome workshops take place there. Since every day of the science festival focuses on a different theme, you can expect a real variety in workshops as well (and make sure you go and participate in some of them every day!)

Blood-themed workshops in Science Domes

Alright, we admit it - this may sound (and look) a bit scary at first. But in fact, it's tons of fun (and you'll find out fascinating new things about blood as well). Here is an example of last year's workshops from a blood-themed day. We also came up with a lot of good ideas for science theatre shows!