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AHHAA 1999-2003

On this page, you'll find an overview of some of AHHAA's major exhibitions before the opening of our new building in 2011. To see the list of previous temporary

exhibitions in our main building, check "Past Exhibitions"

In 1999, AHHAA organized several demonstration experiments to make science classes more interesting. On the 1st of September 1998, all students and teachers were greeted with a laser show again, this time in the Town Hall Square. A small exhibition of holograms was held from December 1998 to January 1999 at Old Observatory.

The second major exhibition by AHHAA – “Aha, Insects!” – was held from May to July 1999. The exhibition was organized in co-operation with The Natural History Museum in London. During 6 weeks, it was visited by 60,000 people.

In winter 2000, experiment demonstrations for students were organized. In the turn of the year, another small science exhibition was held, titled “Aha, Time!”. In addition to its core activity, AHHAA has also organized some special concerts in the Tartu Observatory. On January 3rd 2000, a concert took place to celebrate the Earth’s closest position to the Sun.

The exhibition in the summer of 2000, “Aha, Human!” introduced the human being from different medical aspects. With this exhibition AHHAA continued dealing with health issues. In addition to many interactive exhibits, the science theatre and planetarium have been working with 30,000 visitors.

In 2001, “Aha, the Light!” was carried out in Tartu and Narva for about 25,000 visitors. “The Mystery of Ancient Egypt”, an interactive science exhibition from Heureka, was

displayed from September to February at the University main building in Tartu (20,000 visitors).

In 2002, the AHHAA Science Centre created and organized two science exhibitions, “Sweet Europe” and “Aha, Senses!” The Centre continued science lectures using a portable Starlab planetarium. The EU-themed exhibition aimed to present different European Union issues (e.g. history, culture, symbols etc) to a large audience of Estonia through the interactive hands-on exhibition (60,000 visitors on different events).

In 2003, “Aha, Laboratory!” was carried out in several Estonian towns– not only in Tartu, but in Tallinn, Pärnu, Kuressaare and Narva as well. AHHAA Science Centre started a new practice to work all around the country and got 82,000 visitors per year to its different science events, including lectures, demos, science theatre shows, Technology Day events etc. Additionally, a special school program was developed to support the formal education curricula by Science Centre activities.