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Science Centre AHHAA has over 3000 square metres of exhibition area in three big halls. Numerous fun exhibits are also displayed on the balconies and the lobby.

In our Hall of Technology, you can ride a bicycle on the rope, pass the shaking tunnel and explore mysterious shadow exhibits. Make sure you also take a photo of yourself with an exploding balloon and check out the maths exhibition "Aha, Cubed!" on the 3rd floor/balcony.

AHHAA also houses the University of Tartu's historical medicine collections, some of which date back to year 1803!

Our Hall of Nature is a home to thousands of lively wood ants, tropical fish and axolotls (Mexican salamanders). Tiny chicken hatch from their eggs every day and you can observe the different species of birds that live in Estonia. Younger visitors definitely enjoy the water exhibits and a special corner filled with colourful building blocks.

In our third hall, the Hall of Temporary exhibitions, we open a brand new exhibition twice a year. From 4 May to 3 November, you're welcome to the race to space!