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Elsewhere in Estonia

Did you know that in addition to Tartu and Tallinn, the events of Researchers' Night await you in 9 other places? See below for the brief overview of what's going to happen all over Estonia on Friday, 27 September!

Researchers' Night in Jõgeva

In Betti Alver Museum (Jaama 3b, Jõgeva), 27 September 18-20.
Visit the museum of the legendary Estonian poetess and meet Toomas Kiho, the editor-in-chief of Akadeemia, Estonian leading scientific magazine that covers social sciences, humanities and natural sciences. Introduction from Toomas Muru.

Researchers' Night in Kohtla-Järve

In Virumaa College of Tallinn University of Technology (Järveküla tee 75, Kohtla-Järve), 27 September 18-21.
Doors are open to all the science enthusiasts - no matter the age. Thrilling workshops in college laboratories, games for the younger visitors. Find out whether it is possible to fire a shot without using gunpowder, how to survive on a highway and whether we are really the descendants of apes. Make your own straw flute and experiment with colours and 3D.

Researchers' Night in Kukruse

In Kukruse Polar Manor (Kukruse Polaarmõis) (Kukruse village 20, Kohtla parish, Ida-Viru County), 27 September at 18.
Screening of an Estonian documentary "Tulekahju paine" ("Haunting of a Fire"), a flashback into one of the most serious accidents in the history of Antarctic exploration. In 1982, a fire destroyed the power station of Soviet base Vostok - just before four months of polar night. We're also going to meet with Vello Park, an Estonian polar explorer and the only Estonian present at the Vostok disaster. An introduction on Antarctica from Enn Kaup, a polar explorer who has taken part in numerous expeditions to the extreme south.

Researchers' Night in Kunda

In Kunda Cement Museum (Jaama 11, Kunda, Lääne-Viru County). September 27 18-22.
The Researchers' Night events in Kunda are dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Ernst Öpik, a renowned astronomist and science communicator. Join in a discussion with Jaan Einasto, an astrophysicist and a member of Estonian Academy of Sciences (who has met Öpik in Estonia and Ireland) and Estonian science journalist Tiit Kändler. Exciting experiments by Jaak Kikas, the professor of the University of Tartu and director of the university's Institute of Physics.

Researchers' Night in Pärnu

In Pärnu County Environmental Education Centre (A.H. Tammsaare pst 57, Pärnu). 27 September 17-23.
Come and see our wonderful new building! Excting indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family, different experiments and workshops. A spectacular fire show in the end of the evening. Admission: 3 € (adult), 2 € (student, retired), 5 € (family).

In University of Tartu Pärnu College (Ringi 35, Pärnu). 27 September at 17.
Two workshops are waiting for the visitors! At 17, you can learn how to use art therapy as a means to help people. At 18.30, you can unleash your mind (and hands) by making dolls.
At 20, we present you the results of a social experiment - with a help of an actor and make-up department, we want to find out how helpful people really are when they encounter someone in need of help. Will he be noticed - and will he receive the help he needs? Join the discussion with Valter Parve, the lecturer of social work of the college.

Researchers' Night in Saaremaa

In Saaremaa Ühisgümnaasium (Hariduse 13, Kuressaare, Saaremaa). 27 September 9-20.
Test your skills in workshops (make cheese, deodorants and straw flutes) and enjoy the school's own science theatre show! Lectures on genetics (Ain Heinaru and Sulev Kuuse, at 9) and the essence of communism and national socialism (Jaak Valge, at 19).

Researchers' Night in Tõravere

In Tõravere Observatory (Tõravere, Tartu County). 27 September 20-23.
Watch the stars through a 1,5 m telescope and portable MEADE telescope. Virtual planetarium program "Starry Night" and model of our Solar System in the Stellarium. At 20, Tõnu Viik talks about our dangerous neighbours - asteroids, comets and meteorites that travel around in space - and sometimes get really close to Earth. At 21, Tõnis Eenmäe demonstrates the robotic telescope.

Attention! Special bus to Tõravere and back departs from Science Centre AHHAA at 19 (and returns at 22.30). To book a seat, please call +372 515 6766 or write to Note that booking is not required for visiting the centre, but only for the bus.

Researchers' Night in Viljandi

In University of Tartu Viljandi Cultural College (Posti 1, Viljandi). 27 September 18-21.15.
At 18, Marju Lauristin speaks about the social scientist's point of view on the reforms in Estonian education. At 19.45, everyone is welcome to join the workshop on roleplay and how theatre (and playing roles) offers us a means of dealing with different social situations.

To participate in the workshop, you need to register first. Contact Hannele Känd on

Researchers' Night in Äksi

In Ice Age Centre (Äksi, Tartu County). 27 September 18-23.
Awesome adventure and discovery games for the younger visitors (five different trails)
Two lectures: 19 Are mammoths simply furry elephants?, 20.30 The origins of folk tales in nature.

Special Researchers' Night ticket price - 1 € per person!

Attention! Special buses to Äksi and back depart from Science Centre AHHAA at 18 and 19.30. To book a seat, please call +372 515 6766 or write to Note that booking is not required for visiting the centre, but only for the bus.